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Slaying Dragons


We’re proud to announce our upcoming release: Slaying Dragons! Slaying Dragons is a micro RPG about metaphorically slaying your dragon. It’s a game about trust, hardship, consequences, and confronting one’s shortcomings. In this game there is no doubt whether or not you’ll succeed; you will. You will make your way to the beast’s lair. You […]

Blood Feud out now!


Blood Feud is a story RPG about honor, power, and toxic masculinity. You portray men struggling to uphold their honor. In the end, you will see what that struggle has cost both them and their community. Available in our web store starting today, as a physical zine, or a pay what you want PDF.

Hinderblad till Vindsjäl


Nu finns det ett praktiskt hinderblad till Vindsjäl! Det hjälper spelledaren att hålla koll på olika hinders Motstånd – exempelvis vid strid mot flera motståndare. Koncept av Simon Modig, inspirerat av Ironsworn. Interaktivt och utskriftsvänligt. Ladda hem det nu!