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A Role-Playing Game about Honor, Power and Toxic Masculinity

Blood Feud is a GM-less role-playing game set in Scandinavia during the Viking Age, and each player will take on the role of a man in this society. Your characters will struggle to uphold their honor and in the end you will see what that struggle has cost both them and those around them. 

Your honor will often be in question, and the only way to retain and increase your honor is to act in accordance to what is considered manly. You play to see what consequences this behavior leads to and at the end you will have an emergent story worthy of the old Icelandic sagas.

As your characters fight for honor at each other’s expense, you as players will learn to identify toxic masculinity and perhaps learn something about yourselves in the process.

This is a game about toxic masculinity. To those who have not heard the term before: it refers to certain common attitudes and behaviours among men that cause serious harm to them and to others around them. This is a game about people who are nasty to each other and about figuring out why. 

It’s also a game about vikings of pre-christian Scandinavia; about honor and blood feuds, about courage and brutality, about corruption and consequences. Above all it is a game about what it means to be a man in such a world and what consequences that has on the world around these men. 

The overarching goal of the game is to explore and experience toxic masculinity. Each player will take on the role of a man in a viking society. You portray these men as you like, but when you perform certain behaviors that trigger a move, there will be a shift in honor. In this game having honor is to have power—and in order to be powerful you have to act in accordance to what is considered manly.

These are the seven moves used in the game:

  • Sharing someone’s bed
  • Giving someone a gift
  • Commenting on a woman’s appearance
  • Praising someone
  • Insulting someone
  • Escalating
  • Striking a deadly blow

Two major influences have been Sagas of the Icelanders by Gregor Vuga, and Dream Askew by Avery Alder. As with the Belonging Outside Belonging system, you never roll any dice—instead the whole system revolves around a token economy. When a move is triggered, you simply move the tokens according to what the move says.


FAQ with Amos Persson:


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Release: 2021
Author: Alf Peter Malmberg and Amos Johan Persson
Language: English
Facebook: @BloodFeudTTRPG